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Toilet Damage Cover


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Available during the hire period our toilet cover will helps avoid any unforeseen charges for accidents, vandalism, fire and theft of your portable toilet.

For just £7.49 per toilet per hire period protect your toilet.

Covers your portable toilet up to 60% of the damage or loss value (Current basic toilet value £700 + £100 with sink, Disabled £1,500)
Eliminates the possibility of receiving heavy damage charges
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Gives you peace of mind

Terms of Hire

You agree to the below terms and conditions when making a booking and agree you have read and understand them, you will be bound by them when you tick the agreement upon booking or making a hire with Toilets on the Go.

Bookings & Payments

All bookings and Hires are subject to availability and must be made online using the online booking system or through Proforma Invoice, you will then receive a confirmation email and VAT receipt to the email provided. If we are unable to process the booking or hire you will be refunded back within 24 hours in full and contacted via the email supplied. To keep prices as low as possible we only deal online, if you wish to be contacted via phone email your number to us and we will be happy to call you straight back during office hours. Payments must be made in full in advance of hire including extending the hire to get the online price displayed, bookings and hires are only confirmed once full payment has been received either by debit/credit card or Bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a booking simply email us at and we will process the cancellation straight away and email you confirmation when it has been processed.

If you cancel up to 7 days before the on-hire date you will loose 50% of the total hire cost. The remaining 50% will be refunded within 7 days to the card provided upon booking.

If you cancel 7 days prior to the hire you will loose 75% of the total hire cost. The remaining 25% will be refunded within 7 days to the card provided upon booking.

If you cancel on the day of hire you will loose 100% of the total hire cost.

If you cancel whilst a toilet is on hire you will not receive any refund of hire and the toilet will be collected.

We do not carry over hires.

On-hire point

The toilet will be delivered at the time and date selected when making the booking, if we have any difficulties on the day of hire you will be notified via text message to the number provided when making the booking any updates and reasons why we are delayed.

When arriving at the delivery address provided the driver is allocated 10 minutes to site the toilet, please ensure the delivery area is clear and ready so the driver can site the toilet safely. Any onsite waiting time over the 10 minutes will be charged at £25 per additional 15 minutes waiting time and will be billed the following day. The driver will put the toilet in place using a wheeled toilet carrying trolley, it is important you understand we do not crane toilets into position so you must ensure before delivery there is flat access with at least a gap of the toilets width to where the toilet is to be sited (all toilets' dimensions are on the booking page). We do not put toilets in back gardens unless there is always access via the back garden for vehicles. Toilets can only be sited 10 meters away from vehicle access, we will not maneuver toilets up and down steps, over fences, through tight gaps or up and down hills. You must ensure the site is accessible before the toilets arrive and HGV vehicles have road access to drop off area. A person must be present on delivery unless written instructions have been received prior to the hire. On delivery the driver will take a photo of the toilet in position. The toilet will be delivered fresh and ready to use with all parts working and serviceable. Drivers will not drive on soft ground, if the driver gets stuck in sunken ground when delivering the toilet, the hirer will be billed £25 per 15 minutes until the vehicle is freed. If the toilet can not be sited on delivery the Cancellation Policy will come into effect. If the Toilet is to be sited off your residential property such as a council car park, street, event site or any other Council property we may ask for a proof of landowner's permission to site the toilet.

portable toilet hire from Toiletsonthego

During the Hire

You agree to be fully responsible for the toilet while on hire and you agree to site with any landowner's permission. We do offer a toilet damage cover at £7.49 you can add to your basket on booking - click here to add the cover.

Please see below the toilet calculator for an estimate on how many toilets you need, any hires that have underestimated number of toilets required and found to have overuse will incur additional charges such as overflowing toilets.

If the toilet becomes damaged during the hire, please see the Damage Policy.


Please be aware we can not service toilets in freezing conditions, this is because our water tanks freeze and toilet fluid becomes frozen, the toilet will be continued to be serviced once the weather is above 2 degrees, we do not service toilets when snowing.

If you hire a toilet for more than 7 days your toilet will be receive a free service within at least a 10-day period (normally weekly). Toilets must be accessible for drivers to complete a weekly service Mon-Friday 7am to 5pm, site access arrangements can be discussed upon hire with the driver. If the service driver cannot gain access, you will still be charged and billed the weekly hire rate, drivers will only make one attempt per week. If you put a padlock on the toilet please ensure we have the combination or key to service the toilet. You do not have to be present when a service is due.

Toilet service includes wastewater vacuumed out and fresh water with chemical replenished, a quick wipe down of surfaces, 2x toilet rolls and hand gel or hand wash replenished. It is the hirers responsibility to do a daily clean of the inside and all surfaces and floor of the toilet. Any rubbish inside the toilet must be removed by the hirer and will not be removed by the service driver.

Do not put nappies, sanitary towels, or wet wipes down the toilet, this blocks our service vehicles pipes and will be billed to the hirer if this happens. It is good practice to have a bin to put these items in so the hirer can put into their general landfill waste bin. We also offer a weekly sanitary bin collection service and can be booked when hiring toilets.

Drivers can only service toilets which are sited no more than 10 meters away from vehicle access.

You can book additional servicing such as 2 services per week upon hire of the toilets.

portable toilet servicing from toiletsonthego










You must inform us via email that you want to off-hire the toilet, if you wish to extend the toilet hire then please see the Extension of Hire policy. If you do not inform us, you want to off hire the toilet within 7 days of the elapsed agreed term of hire we will automatically collect the toilet. We will inform you of this via email.

The toilet must be ready to collect (your own goods removed from inside the toilet and padlocks taken off) and be accessible to collect. Any toilet not accessible on collection will be charged a failed collection fee of £30+VAT for every attempt and charged the additional rate of hire until we can collect.

The toilet will be taken without prior permission if the hire period has ended, and no extension of hire has been agreed. If on collection you wish to extend the hire a charge of £30+VAT will be incurred.

Extending the Hire Period

You can extend the hire before your hire period finished by either CLICKING HERE or emailing us the length of hire extension, all extension of single toilet hires are £25 per week + VAT. The toilet will be taken without prior permission if the hire period has ended, and no extension of hire has been agreed. If on collection you wish to extend the hire a charge of £30 + VAT will be incurred for a failed collection charge. Any Extension of hire period will be done at the current rate of the billed period, the price can increase or decrease and depends on the type of toilet you have on hire.

Damage and Failure to Pay Policy

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure hired toilets are insured against theft or damage, any damage or loss will be billed to the hirer. Graffiti on or in the toilet or any missing or damaged parts will also be billed when the toilet is collected.

Upon hiring the toilet, you give consent to be automatically billed damage or any unpaid hire rate at the end of the agreement to the card provided but only once you have received an invoice for the total costs. If payment is unsuccessful after 30 days from the off hire date the debt will be passed to a collection agency. However, if you contact us we can work with you over any debt outstanding and come to a payment arrangement.

Portable toilet hire damage cover from toiletsonthego







Using the Portable Toilet

Remember to treat our toilets like you would in your home so do not put nappies, sanitary towels and wet wipes down our toilets or any rubbish, this is because it blocks our tankers when removing the contents of bin. We can provide sanitary bins at an extra cost and dispose of the rubbish for you. We can supply sanitary bins in the toilets for an extra £2 per week/Hire which includes 


We are here to help, if you need any assistance then please emailing us at We will respond as soon as possible

toiletsonthego portable toilet hire calculator for events and building sites uk

About Our Toilet Chemical Additive

This toilet blue additive that is supplied is a measured dose and for use in plastic recirculating toilets on sites and events. It is biodegradable sanitiser that contains an organic non stain blue dye. The bottle and cap it comes in is recycled.

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